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Currencies Production
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We are an ancient financial group that changes money around the world. Our founder Markus Keln XV. He founded our clan in the 1th century in Rome. Then we started to control financial and commodity flows from Latin America and Africa. Also in the East. The Silk Road was under our control since 989 A.D. We stop our activities after the First World War. But with the advent of crypto currency, the descendant of Markus Keln XV decided to resume our work. Today our lider is Markus Keln. Under his leadership, we carry out complex work on currency exchange in difficult places of the planet. We buy cheap. We sell dearly. We work in Syria, Africa, Afghanistan. We also work with large investors across Europe and America. Now we are opening financial opportunities for investors. Join us.

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You gonna feel rich when investing huge amount of coins.
8 000 coins today 16 000 coins tomorrow.

Investment offer

We offer 5% daily
Min. Deposit 300 DOGE
Max. Deposit 24999.99999999 DOGE


Daily Profit
-commissions for miners
We offer 0.22% hourly
Min. Deposit 25000 DOGE
Max. Deposit 249999.99999999 DOGE


Hourly Profit
-commissions for miners
We offer 0.25% hourly
Min. Deposit 250000 DOGE
Max. Deposit 999999 DOGE


Hourly Profit
-commissions for miners

Affiliate career

We offer 8% for deposits of your referrals

Investor career

Do you want to work with an honest admin Markus Keln?

Join his new projects?

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We will sent you links for new programs.

First line of your message sould contain "Investor career" line.

YouTube career

Make video about us and earn DOGEs.

0 - 2000 views you will earn 20 DOGE.

2 000 - 10 000 views you will earn 10 000 DOGE.

YouTube promoter with active partners earn 25 000 DOGE
after 2 000 views and deposits from partners.

Contact us via support form. First line of your message sould contain "YouTube career" line.
Give us a link to your YouTube video and your login address in our program.
Your Affiliate link should be in the description under the video and in the comments
as pinned post.
Video title should contain "BitCurr".

Promoter career

Are you the best of the best?

Do you want to work with an honest admin and please your partners?

Never worked with Markus Keln?

Bring the first partners to show us that you are not kidding and you are not scammer.

Write us about your conditions. Give your login address in our program.

First line of your message sould contain "Promoter career" line.

Worked with Markus Keln before?

You know his email address. Just write to him that
you are with us on the board. Remind your terms.

Want join our clan?

Will you show us something new?
Do you want to join a professional HYIP makers team?
We have many projects in the financial industry.
Not just in the HYIP's industry. We are looking for new talents.
Work with us as a Promoter and once will join our family.
We need more time to know each other.

Global Deposits

Global Payouts
(stat with affiliate earns)

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